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Complete the Attached Worksheet

Helpful Hints-

I have noticed after teaching this course many times students miss the same questions, so I want to give you a little clarification on two points.

First, when I ask you for the steps to cite a case please compare BOTH TEXTS that are listed. Do not give me just the steps from one and be done or you will only get half the credit.

Also, when you are asked to give citation explanations please understand this is not the same as a case summary where you tell me about the facts. Instead I am looking for you to find the citation and then telling me what it means – who decided the opinion, what year, where was the case heard, what court was it heard in, what page in what book can it be found?

I hope this helps you as you work on these worksheets. Please feel free to adjust your work if you have already submitted it and I will grade the latest on time version. Also, ask any other questions you have to clarify the questions posed if you need to BEFORE you post your work. I am here to help!


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