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Week 8A


1.  (15 points)  Initial Data

AASE at your location (value from map times 365) = _________ kwhr/m2

AASPO at your location = (AASE divided by 8) = ________ kwhr/m2

Size of solar panel needed for your location = Total Kwhr (from table) divided by AASPO = _______ m2

Average cost of 1-m2 commercial solar panel = $800 / m2

2.  (10 points)  Estimated cost of home solar system = Size of solar panel x average cost = $_______

3.  (25 points)  The average solar panel system should last about 25-30 years before it needs to be replaced.  If you were to keep paying the same cost for electricity that you do now, how does the total cost of a solar system compare to what you will pay over that time span?

4.  (25 points)  As oil prices continue to increase, it is expected that all energy costs will go up.  If this happens, you can expect to pay more for electricity in the future.  If the cost were to double over the next decade, how would this affect your answer to question 1?

5.  (25 points)   If you used less electricity, you could put in a smaller solar system, thereby reducing your total cost.  Go back to the calculator (remember your Session ID number and under the Describe tab choose Detailed Input) and make the following changes:

a) increase summer thermostat settings by 2 degrees,

b) decrease winter thermostat settings by 2 degrees,

c) reduce dryer loads to 0 (use a clothesline), and

d) reduce dishwasher loads to 0 (wash dishes by hand). 

All of these changes will cost you no money.  By how much did this decrease the amount of electricity you used?  By how much did the size of your solar system decrease?  Is your system more reasonable now?  


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