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Jonathan Mildenhall’s Guest Lecture

Watch this video, write a short paper answering the (3) questions below. Hopefully it is a way to dive deeper into advertising on a time that is convenient for you. 

  • Jonathan Mildenhall, who was named to Ad Age’s Creativity 50 in 2012, was senior VP integrated marketing communication and design excellence for Coca-Cola North America. Prior to that role, he had served the company in a global marketing role since 2007.  Mr. Mildenhall joined Coca-Cola from the agency world, where he held a variety of roles at agencies in the U.K.   Jonathan Mildenhall  joins Airbnb at a time when it’s ramping up its marketing and its global footprint.  This video of Jonathan Mildenhall guest lecturing on MMU Business School is a little lengthy but it is filled with incredible insights on creating an advertising campaign and how important creativity is to the process.  
  • Please compare/contrast the online speaker with our in class speaker :  Raquel Hunter.  Raquel is a Digital Media Executive and Social Media Engagement Strategist.  Raquel likes to describe herself as one part data-scientist and one part anthropologist. She mentioned that social networks and communities reflect and propel our culture, and are an indispensable part of understanding consumers.  She has worked  many different types of brands including automotive, banking, health, and STEM-related industries are some of my favorites. She uses  statistics and insights to help big brand clients attain remarkable growth via social media. [15 years experience of working in the Internet industry has worked with Google, Disney, Honda, Lexus, Phillips Norelco, Indian Motorcycles, PIMCO, Mary Kay, Pulte Homes, the Los Angeles Zoo and many others]  

(1)  Jonathan Mildenhall mentions that “open happiness” is a call to action and into emotions.  How do the two things blend together ?

(2) How did Raquel open your eyes to the tools of online analytics and their usefulness?

(3) Which speaker did you find revealed more useful information?  Please outline two things that you found useful. One from each or two from one speaker.

A short paper is 300-500 words or 2-3 pages, double spaced.   APA format.  Times roman 12-pt font.    

    Coca Cola – Jonathan Mildenhall’s Guest Lecture


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