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Scenario, Your Role, Key Players

You Decide Paper

Students are required to read through the You Decide scenario and write a neatly typed 2 to 3 pages in length paper.

Please see the You Decide Paper guidelines in Doc Sharing.

Please read the You Decide carefully.

Your role as the human resources professional is to analyze this scenario and present your findings by responding to five (5) of the set of ten (10) questions at the end of the You Decide activity.

Papers should include the following elements.

The You Decide paper should be prepared according to DeVry/Keller standards for academic integrity. Papers will be graded according to the rigor of the questions asked, the research and information provided, how well the questions are answered in the research, and the depth and breadth of their research scope.


Mary Wright is a human resources consultant for a telecommunication s company in Miami, Florida . Recently her company decided to expand its operations overseas in the Arab Emirates, in Dubai. Mary has worked for the company for more than 7 years, possesses a Master’s degree, is fluent in four languages (English, Spanish, Arab, and French), and has t he required management expertise to move on to a much greater role. Due to Mary’s extensive professional background and dedication to the company, her company has identified her as a strong contender to support their expansion efforts in Dubai and has off ered Mary to fill the role of VP of Human Resources and Employee Relations. Mary will report to the newly appointed COO in Dubai. Mary has accepted this new role and professional challenge and is expected to move to Dubai in 90 days. Her new assignment ov erseas includes a compensation and benefit package that is quite competitive and exceeds all of her expectations. Mary ha s never visited Dubai but has always been attracted to that part of the world. This first new assignment will give her the opportunity to work as an expatriate abroad and build a strategic IHRM partnership in Dubai and other regions. She has been directed by the COO to develop, train, and position a team of both home – and host – country professionals, attract, recruit and select qualified g lobal talent, set new performance management standards, develop a competitive compensation package, develop a competency – based program, and introduce an IHRM strategic plan to serve as a global model to lead a transformational vision of change and chart th e course of the organization into the future. This new business model is expected to gain global market share and increase bottom – line results across the globe.


You have been brought on as a human resource consultant who has been charged with analyzing this situation and providing advice and recommendations to increase Mary’s chance of a successful assignment. You have worked in international human resources and have been asked to offer advice and insights for Mary as she takes on this assignment. Your role is to analyze this scenario, consider a number of specific questions,and present your findings to Mary.


Ian Lee

Owner of the Digeridoo

Mary Wright

HR Consultant


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