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 This needs INTERNSHIP – REFLECTIVE ESSAY OUTLINE  W/ following doc to be professional written and edited.

Reflective Essay

Reflect on the meaning of the internship experience ( community activist, counseling, lifestyle consultant, social service support services, etc.) for your intellectual development and career planning. Submit an essay describing your accomplishments and/or challenges.

At a minimum, your entry should include three – five pages on what you’ve learned through this experience, along with details of the following.

1.Share if the initial learning expectations/objectives were achieved or not. 

2.Share your identifiable weaknesses and/or strengths in regards to this internship with your plan for improvement.

3.Share your personal development with observation and interaction of your supervisor and colleagues.

4.As you reflect, share what you have learned during the internship and how the newly acquired knowledge will help you in achieving further academic and work related goals.

Your essay must be a double-spaced Word document (12-point font).

Demonstrate advanced communication skills at levels required for effective performance in professional, social or cultural contexts, by engaging in an observational and participatory learning.  

*Narrative description of intellectual and career learning

*Reflection of accomplishments/challenges

*Reflection of internship correlation with academic coursework and/or experiences

*Abundant evidence of learning and application to future growth


Lessons Learnt from My Internship

Internship comes with both excitement and anxiety in equal measure. It is a transition process whose agenda is to provide the much needed environment to practice the theoretical skills and knowledge gained in class, and most importantly to be able to help one better understand oneself while identifying their weaknesses and strengths. It is gainful that during this period you set specific goals that you will use to gauge your performance at the end of the internship.

I have always enjoyed history, art and helping other people in the society especially those with special needs. This was made more profound during my internship; I was able to identify the gaps in my learning and the need to do more research and practice to help me become better. Prior to this internship I had expectation targets to achieve.  Among these expectation was to enhance my communication and interaction skills which is vital for my career.  Learning in class about community service and social development and actual practice couldn’t be more different, and through practical work and exposure, I must say my skills have improved drastically and my knowledge expounded.

Working with my colleagues has been a relaxed environment especially in the office and in the field where I have learnt how to behave in the work place and how to adequately navigate within the space. I have been mentally prepared for whatever my next position may be since I was able to get used to the environment. Through observing daily events, interaction with different types of people I have gained more insight on team work and how individuals join hands to accomplish specific duties. Although I have to remember to use my intuition, I greatly feel I have adapted to the field and office life relatively well.

Moreover, I have been able to appreciate important life skills such as being thankful and speaking up. With the huge responsibility that comes with the internship, it is not only necessary to value the support given by colleagues both as individuals and as team but also to show that you value them. Many times I learnt to practically say thank you to my colleagues and this eased communication during working hours. Besides, I have been able to speak up with much respect and honesty both with my seniors and peers without fear of criticism while maintaining an open mind to learning from them.  

From the internship I have learnt to be comfortable with receiving intimidating and overwhelming tasks and take them in strides without getting stressed or losing my confidence. Slowly I have mastered the art of time management and getting things done. This has helped me in being efficient and effective while performing tasks that require my skill set. Even more, I have been able to quickly research on areas I’m not quite familiar with and where need be I have sought guidance from my colleagues thereby saving a lot of precious time and remaining productive.

Through my internship I have improved my communication skills both on paper and off paper, something I didn’t realize throughout the whole time. This is very essential for my community outreach activism career.  The internship served as a positive learning experience as well as a resume builder for I have had a lot of updating to do on my resume after the internship. This will go a long way in ensuring that I secure interviews instead of having my curriculum vitae getting thrown to the trash.

The internship has revealed to me how valuable my college apprenticeship has been both for my personal and professional development. I now have both theoretical and a practical understanding of my major and I am able to appreciate how my course work is preparing me to enter community relation manager if or any other position related to community development social relation. With the internship I have been able to build a bridge between my professional qualification and my career.

My professional and personal networks improved a lot during the internship. I managed to attend several meetings and events where I interacted with various professionals in my field. I have been able to gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional environment. With this I have acquired a few more references besides landing a professional mentor. This will enable me enhance my career objective appropriately with the benefit of the knowledge and advice from my new contacts.

Today I am highly motivated and I have acquired major organization skills which would have not been possible without the internship. I have become more confident and tactful while handling responsibilities both as an individual and corporately. It therefore goes without saying that internship provides and is paramount career foundation where individuals discover themselves and unlock untapped potential.

How the internship experience will help in achieving further academic and work related goals

While my duties were diverse and ever changing during the internship, I have gained a lot of relevant knowledge and experience through the valuable lessons learnt during the process. I have built bridges and frameworks that will be guiding determinants on the academic skills I will seek to acquire. In addition, I will focus on filling the knowledge gaps exposed during the internship and ensuring that I stick to what is relevant and what will make me better in my filed. As I seek to get an edge over others in my career choice, the internship experience will come in handy thereby helping stand out.

I cannot appreciate more the significance of the internship. It opened my horizon career-wise and changed my views on my career path. More importantly I have acquired knowledge and skills that will not be taught in an everyday class. I have become time conscious and I have learnt how to work with a team. I am motivated to go further and achieve objectives effectively and efficiently. With a dozen skills and experience, I have been made ready for career practice.

 to be professionally written and edited to college level content! Please follow the instructions completely and totally to the letter? Seeking A grade


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