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Position paper

From the list of case studies below, select one issue to explore in-depth. You may use lectures, text readings, interviews, observations, library, and internet resources to collect information. Summarize your findings in a position paper of no more than 3 double spaced pages. YOU MUST HAVE RESOURCES AND IN-TEXT CITATIONS-ALL REFERENCES MUST BE WITHIN 5 YEARS!! LESS THAN 7% TURNITIN SCORE!!

A.     What is a position paper?

Your position paper will use “thesis-first” organization. This means you begin with your thesis and spend the remainder of the paper supporting it and defending your claims against counterclaims. (You need to cite all sources used.) Here’s an outline:

1.      issue is introduced

2.      position is asserted

3.      counterclaims are summarized

4.      counterclaims are refuted

5.      your claims, supported with evidence

6.      conclusion in support of position

B.     How will the paper be graded?

The paper is worth up to 10 extra credit points, awarded according to:

– writing clarity (including spelling, grammar, punctuation, citations, etc.)

– critical thinking (development of the major and supporting points)

– resources (incorporation of course and outside literature, investigations, etc.)

Issues Suggested by Case Studies-SELECT 1

The Downshifting Movement

Impact of Noise and Light Pollution

Torrent of Tourists in Nepal (Cultural Loss)

Hip-Hop (Good or bad for society?)

Violence in the movies and TV

The Pros and Cons of Video Games

Raves/ (electronic dance music) EDM parties

The Credit Card Crisis (Play now, pay later)

Binge Watching TV

The Slow Movement                                               

Scouting for All (Benefits or drawbacks of Boy and Girl Scouts)   Competition in Youth Sports


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