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MPA6100 Need back in 5 hours from now

In Week 1, you analyzed the case study The Stepping Stone, a nonprofit organization that had challenges moving their current model to another city because of the inability to raise additional funds, poor leadership, and other issues; please use this case study as an example to address the discussion for this week.

Nonprofit agencies face a more strained economy; therefore, they rely heavily on marketing their case. Effective resource development begins with an extensive organizational analysis. In the chapter “Managing the Resource Development Function” in your textbook there is a list of preliminary questions used to conduct an early analysis; please review the list of preliminary questions and determine what The Stepping Stone organization might have done differently. After performing an extensive organizational analysis, the next task is to engage in the planning phase of resource development. Successful planning involves two critical elements, efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. How would you define efficiency and effectiveness in the nonprofit context?
  2. Evaluate and explain how efficiency and effectiveness impact the performance of a nonprofit agency.
  3. Analyze and explain how a nonprofit agency can improve its organizational performance in the absence of any of these elements.
  4. Discuss how small nonprofit agencies can market their case statement while operating with budget constraints.


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