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Marketing strategy paper

Watch the movie “Enron” and answer the three questions in blow.


·      What do you feel was the most critical issue in the Enron case – support with strong arguments – include as an attachment your complete list of Enron Ethical Issues.

Students will be required to submit a short paper regarding the assigned topic.  To receive full credit, student submissions are required to address three areas in 2 pages or less (single-spaced, standard margins), with no one area accounting for more than 40% of the total submission.

  1. Provide a brief summary of the assigned topic (Enron)  (20 points)
    1. This should be a summary sufficient that if the reader did not know anything about the topics (Enron) that the author explained the topic well enough for the reader to understand the remainder of the paper.  (15 points)
  2. Provide the required content  (40 points)
    1. Papers must include a list of the ethical issues identified in the Enron case   (20 points)
    2. Identification of the most critical issue in the case   (20 points)

                                               i.     Specific examples of the issue and why it was important

  1. Provide your own opinion and support with research sourced class and outside of class materials (40 points)
    1. The student’s opinion and rationale regarding why the issue identified in 2b above was the most critical issue in the case.

References (at least 2) from in class our outside of class should be included to support the assertion of the most critical issue identified   


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