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legal writing 2

As much as possible, in this course you’ll be completing work that you might actually do as a paralegal.  For this assignment, you’ll be given a real-world scenario and you’ll have to a complete memorandum of law.  Again, this is the sort of task you might actually do at a law firm.

Real-World ScenarioYour employer and attorney, Regina August, has asked just signed a new client and she wants you to do research and prepare a legal memo evaluating the following contract for legality.

Your client, a wealthy Texan named Donald, signed a contract with a young married couple that he met at an art exhibit. The contract stated that Donald would pay $2 million in exchange for his spending 48 hours and becoming intimate with the wife. He is scheduled to spend the time with the wife at the end of the month and wants to know what could happen if he changes his mind and does not follow through with the contract.


  1. Define the issues in the real-world scenario.
  2. Use Westlaw to research these issues based on Texas law.
  3. Use this Law Office Memo Template and write a legal memo to your attorney.
    • The memo should be at least 5-8 paragraphs.
    • Cite any supporting case law and/or statutes you find in Westlaw using the Blue Book Citation method.
    • Your memo should answer the following questions:
      • Is the contract between the parties legal. Why or why not?
      • What would happen if Donald decided not to pay the $2 million? Could the couple enforce the contract in a court?
  4. By this Sunday, 11:59 PM (Mountain), submit both documents.

Check out the Rubric to find out how you will be evaluated.


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