In Module 1, the first required assignment asked you to examine the course and relate it to a current, real-world event or recent news story. Based on what you - Reliable Academic Writers

In Module 1, the first required assignment asked you to examine the course and relate it to a current, real-world event or recent news story. Based on what you

In Module 1, the first required assignment asked you to examine the course and relate it to a current, real-world event or recent news story. Based on what you have learned in this course since Module 1, reflect on how your answers would change now that you have gained new knowledge. Return to your initial assignment and directly connect the content of your responses to the theories and material of this course. Additionally, based on what you learned in this course, provide some strategies that would address the issues described in the real-world event or recent news story you chose. For example, if you chose a recent story about how high school attendance rates have diminished in the past decade, provide several strategies for addressing that issue based on what you directly learned in this course. Submit a final assignment of 1000 words that synthesizes all these points.

P.S I uploading the week one assignment so that you may piggy back of the assignment for my REAL LIFE EVENT.!!!!

Week 1 report

The assignment for constitutional you have to incorporate my real life event in the assignment so I gave you the link to my real life event. I will post my week 1 assignment because thats what is is asking you about. Below is my week 1 assignment that you can read to fully do the week 10 assignment. There is not a subject that should not interest a person when it comes to your constitutional rights because we all wants to be treated fairly and equally in the criminal justice system. There have been so much that have been going on throughout the world in which many constitutional rights are being forgotten by law enforcement. The Constitutional Rights are joined with the 10 Amendments. The 1st amendment stated that Congress shall make no law regarding an institution of religion, or elimination the free exercise thereof; or shortening the freedom of speech. The 2nd amendment states a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be invaded. The one that I feel that is being over look is the 4th Amendment which protect the rights of people home and their personal properties. I was reading an article where there was questions and answers posted and this was a great example of the fourth amendment being dismiss. This was posted on the website: While driving to a friend’s house we notice a police officer driving through neighborhood. Upon arrival to our friends house we parked in the driveway, got out of the car and watched the cop pull up behind the car. Cop asked what we were doing there and asked our names. Explained that we were there to visit our friend and was there a problem. He said no but that he didn’t recognize the vehicle even though this particular car had been going to this same address for years. He then asked if we minded him searching the car and we said yes. He then asked for our ID’s and again if we had issue with him searching the car of which we again stated no consent to search. He ran our names and the driver found out his license was suspended. He was detained and they stated the car would be searched and towed. I asked that the car not be searched, the owner called and permission be granted for me to drive the car instead of towed since I was a licensed driver. He denied the request and began to search the vehicle. I was also detained while the search was happening. He and I were both arrested and charged with multiple felonies for items found in the vehicle. None of which were ours. In my opinion that didn’t warrant a search for the car because they were not suspicious or doing any illegal activities because the driver license was suspended that is not a probable cause. The subject that interest is all of them within the course because I love our constitutional rights but the three that I can choose is freedom of speech which allows a person to be open but one thing that concerns me with freedom of speech it can be debated because if you think about it a person that is being verbally abusive they are speaking how they feel, and that is freedom to say what you want and when you want at any time, but again a person can go to jail for speaking down to another person. In my opinion I that is why there is a lot of people going to jail because as soon as they are arrested they want to scream out freedom of speech. Freedom of speech you be limited when it is offending another person religion or even their sex. People that do not know the law would feel comfortable in saying verbally abusing someone is freedom of speech. Traffic stops and use of force is another subject. I remember one day coming from my friend’s house then as I was driving home I seen a black car driving behind me that seems to be an undercover police. I was not doing anything wrong he decided to pull me over and the ask me to step out my car and slam be to the front of the car in which he stated that a Chevy Impala was just in a robbery but after all of this the lady that was at the gas station she stated he stopped her also in which she was driving a different car and he stated the reason why he pulled her over was because her type of car was just in a robbery. This officer was making false traffic stops and using unnecessary force when asking citizen to step out their car. Officers are using their badge to get their way and this is very wrong because an officer is supposed to uplift the law and protect the people that should be protected by the law, not abuse people or lie because you think you have the authority to do so. In my real life event there was a man that was arrested in which he felt was freedom of speech. Forchion who owns a business that is call NJ Weedman’s Joint that is right across the street from a legal marijuana places. On May 10, he walked out of his restaurant with a sign saying “We-R-Open F–k the Police.” Cops arrived, including Trenton Police Department Officer Herbert Flowers. “We got pedophile police officers interfering with free speech – this is protected, if it wasn’t protected he would have arrested me,” Forchion said as he heckled Flowers, asking at one point if the policeman used a condom with “that little girl.” When I think about this office I felt that he was being verbally abusive which is not considered freedom of speech. People need to learn the difference between freedom of speech and being verbally abusive, freedom of speech means the freedom to speak the truth with facts that can be research on the point you’re trying to make. Freedom of speech is not consist of being bashful to another person feelings or religion or there chose of gender. In conclusion there is not a subject that do not interest me in this course because I feel we should all learn about the different amendment and the different constitutional laws so we can use them correctly.


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