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HIST 405 Quiz Week 2

This paper of HIST 405 Quiz Week 2 covers:

(TCO 4) What were encomiendas? (Points : 2)(TCO 1) Puritan leaders found Anne Hutchinson especially dangerous because she (Points : 2)(TCO 4) Why did English immigration to the colonies drop dramatically after 1660? (Points : 2)(TCO 2) The French and Indian War was also called (Points : 2)(TCO 2) To protest British taxes, colonists often organized boycotts to (Points : 2)(TCO 2) The Battle of Lexington was part of a strategy by the British to suppress the colonists by (Points : 2)(TCO 2) Which is an advantage the British had over the Patriots at the beginning of the war? (Points : 2)(TCO 9) The Articles of Confederation created a national government with (Points : 2)(TCO 1) The Constitution divides government power (Points : 2)(TCOs 1 and 2) Identify and analyze major actions taken by the English Parliament during the 1760s that angered the colonists, and discuss specifically at least one act that dealt with what the colonists viewed as unfair taxation. Then discuss the significance to the colonists of the Tea Act and the Coercive Acts and why these particularly galled the colonists. Make sure you use enough details to support your answer. (Points : 20)


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