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Select and complete one of the following assignment options:

Option A

Research one incident of a hate crime committed against a religious or ethnic group in your community or in the nation. It is suggested you begin by researching local or national news websites for recent incidents reported by the media.

Write a 350- to 700-word paper describing the incident and that investigates the group further.

Include responses to the following in your paper:

  • What occurred and what resulted from the hate crime?
  • How does your selected group differ from other groups, such as in their beliefs, worship practices, values, ancestry, language, or culture?
  • After careful consideration of your course materials, what do you think is the cause of this type of discrimination?
  • How has your chosen group contributed to American culture?
  • Has your perception of this group changed as a result of your research?

Format your essay according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Discussion 2

Activity on Discrimination: PEWS Research Center

Please visit the following link, and then click on one or more of the titles which relate to the USA. You notice that these titles present the survey results on peoples’ perception of discriminations against race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientations etc. Please report the survey results, and assess whether you agree with these results. Also, please let the class know of any support of evidence in favoring or opposing the perceptions presented here. 150 words count

Please remember, our job in this class is to provide critical analysis of facts.

Discrimination against a racial or ethnic group becomes a larger problem when practiced by an institution–especially a governmental one. Do you think institutional discrimination is common? What do you think it looks like?  150 words count


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