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Excal homework

Choose any measure of criminal or unreported activity you want (undocumented immigrant or worker estimates, drug crimes, violent crime, etc) that you feel is linked to the use of the $100 bill or was mentioned in Rogoff’s book as being linked to the $100 bill. So long as you have annual data back to 1995 you are good. Download the data on the volume of currency in circulation provided by the Federal Reserve Board, and calculate the percentage share of $100 bills relative to the total of other bills in the US economy. Now calculate the growth rates of crime and compare it to the growth of the volume of $100 bills in circulation. You may do this either by graphing the levels together or graphing the growth rates together; this particular assignment is up to you to make clear. Remember, you want your reader to understand this, and if you can use this graph in your Ethics essay you will get a higher grade than someone who does not.


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