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For this discussion board, let’s talk about globalization.  The Ethics & Strategy feature on page 317 (BOOK: Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage, Concepts and Cases, Fifth Edition. Jay B. Barney and William S. Hesterly) brings out some interesting (and depressing) points.  Read this feature and then consider the following:

– Globalization (or outsourcing) is now a common strategic decision that many businesses pursue.  There are definite advantages but also a downside.  The series of diasters in Bangladesh factories highlights the social and personal cost that globalization can cause.  Do you think globalization is a good option for businesses to pursue?  Why or why not?  What responsibility does the retailer have in ensuring good working conditions?  Do you think most companies are handling globalization in an ethical manner?

– Do some quick research to find an article that supports your view or provide a positive or negative example of a company who outsources.

(450 words, citation)


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