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completed form

Please read instruction and look over sample . My reason is because my dad became disable  and how to attend to him … Please follow the instruction .. I have touch one plan temple and the other is the sample 

Please read through the entire email and follow the below instructions provided precisely! 

The Word.docx form attached is how you will return your appeal – you should be able to simply open the attachment and type in it. Make sure you save it as a Word.docx form and attach in reply to this email for submission.

Again, please follow the below instructions precisely!

Make sure you detail:

1. In the first section please explain the circumstances that caused 

you to fall behind academically

Please be direct and specific. 

Answer these questions in the first section specifically:

What happened?

Have those circumstances been resolved? Why is now a better time to return?

2. In the second section please 

discuss how you plan to be an “A” grade student. 

The dean wants to know how you plan to break down the 20-25 hours a week necessary to be a successful student at KU Online. This requires a study schedule outlining what hours of the week you will be spending on school work.

Answer these questions in the second section specifically: 

When will you study? How long will you study? How much time each week do you plan to devote to your studies (successful students set aside 20-25 per week)?

What day will submit your first discussion post? When will turn in your writing assignments? When will you do your tests/quizzes?

3. In the third section please 


your career goals. This is not your academic goal.


 these questions in the third section specifically:

How is your program choice going to help you achieve those goals? Speak specifically to how the degree you will earn applies to your career choice.

VERY IMPORTANT! Ensure the essay is grammatically correct and well written

. Y

our academic aptitude will be considered along with your personal circumstances.

Please provide supporting documentation with the form if the you feel it could have 


bearing on the University’s decision. Supporting documentation can have a substantial effect on the success of your appeal.

The Dean will review the your 

appeal statement

, any supporting documentation provided, academic record, and may request additional information from instructors or advisors before making a final decision. 

The content of the essay, as well as the your ability to write concisely using proper English grammar, will be taken into consideration. 

You will be informed of the Dean’s decision by email in 3-5 weeks.


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