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CJA 374 Week 2 DQs and Summary

This work of CJA 374 Week 2 Discussion Questions and Summary consists of:

DQ 1: Do police have too little or too much discretion in their decisions on how to handle specific situations involving juveniles? Include examples and explain your response.

DQ 2: Among the principle figures, including family, church, schools, police, and youth organizations, who has the most important role in the prevention of delinquency? Discuss each and explain your choice of most important.

DQ 3: Discuss an example of juvenile delinquency with which you are familiar. Describe the delinquency. To what extent did the family contribute to the delinquency? What might the family have done differently?

DQ 4: Are girls delinquent for different reasons than boys? Is it fair to compare the two groups?



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